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Who are The G Brothers?


The journey started six years ago, when eight-year-old Brian Grant was asked if he wanted to play guitar or piano. He thought on the topic, and after a few days, chose the guitar. As he reflects back on the experience, Brian explains, “At the time, I just thought the guitar was cooler than the piano.” After a few days experimenting, everyone knew he had a natural talent for it. Fast forward a few months, Billy Grant, then 11 years old, who already had his first taste of music by playing the violin in the school orchestra, was inspired to play guitar just like his little brother. Billy immediately joined Brian in his guitar lessons and after they had learned the basics, wanted to play “songs”.

Before moving to the country/pop genre, the duo started out learning classic rock covers. A year later, they started to sing the covers that they learned on guitar. After a few months of learning how to do both at the same time, their instructor asked them to perform a few songs with his band at a biker rally. Billy and Brian took the stage and performed three classic rock/blues songs to a crowd of three hundred eager-to-listen bikers. After each song, came applause to the extent they had never heard before. When the audience asked for a name, the brothers just replied “Billy and Brian”. Billy and Brian were hooked on performing, and haven’t looked back since.

Since their first show, now Billy (17) and Brian (14), also known more commonly as “The G Brothers”, have hit the ground running with their pure and natural music talents. They have over eighty performances under their belts, at venues including festivals, theatres, national television stations, and radio events. At each show it is not unlikely to hear from fellow listeners that the dynamic duo remind them of notable acts such as, “The Everly  Brothers” and “Brooks and Dunn”, and even some are reminded of “Brad Paisley” and “John Mayer”.  Along with sounding like such artists, The G Brothers have a very unique sound themselves. Most of this comes from their “brotherly blend” or in other words, their rich, sibling vocal harmony. Other specialties include their songwriting style, amazing guitar playing, and their memorable performances.

The G Brothers released their debut EP entitled, “Down The Road”, which includes four songs Billy wrote, in December 2011. Immediately after the release, they performed at Tim n’ Willy’s 20th Christmas Breakfast Show @ Night. Tim and Willy were the morning DJs of KMLE 108, Arizona’s most listened to country radio station. The G Brothers were in the act as “Little Tim n’ Willy”, and performed on the same stage as notable acts Jordin Sparks and Lauren Alaina. The next day on the radio, members of the crowd called in, raving that, “Those two young boys stole the show!”

In February 2012, the boys had articles written about them by local newspapers such as “The Orland Park Prairie” and “The Orland Park Patch”. After the articles were published, the duo appeared on two national television shows within a week’s time; WGN Morning News and WCIU’s “You & Me This Morning”. The G Brothers were featured on the morning shows, where they performed their originals, “Blue Eyed Beauty” on WGN and “Neon Lights” on WCIU. WCIU also ran an interview package along with their performance.

In March 2012, while on spring break in Arizona, the brothers were invited on the country radio station, KMLE 108, and featured on Tim n’ Willy’s Morning Show. The brothers showcased a jingle, covers, and newly written originals, for Tim, Willy, and Andrea. Plus, the DJs did an interview of the upcoming duo, all on live radio.

In November 2012, they released their new CD titled “Step Up” which features four original songs that cover a variety of topics. Each song is its own representation of the brothers’ unique style of songwriting, sibling harmonies, and country music.

Currently, The G Brothers are songwriting and performing. Their music can be heard on over 20 radio and internet radio stations throughout The United States and worldwide, including Canada, Australia and Sweden.


More about Billy Grant

The 17 year old has become a talented singer, songwriter, guitarist, and fiddler in the last few years. To date, the young musician has played at venues a kid can only dream of! From festivals to television to radio! He performs with his little brother, Brian, where they are also known as “The G Brothers”.

In addition to music, Billy has also appeared in several films and television shows. His film work includes playing a neighborhood boy in Sony Pictures’ “Hancock” and a concert fan in Walt Disney Pictures’ “Hannah Montana – The Movie,” among others. Billy has also appeared on television in both “The Starter Wife” and “Life”. The 17-year-old also has experience with commercials including Palos Community Hospital’s “Mom’s Crazy”, Chicago Navy Pier’s “Going Overboard” and The Big Ten fan Camp, industrial videos, voiceovers, and print advertisements.


More about Brian Grant

The 14-year-old has surprised everyone with his talent. No matter where the young singer, songwriter, and guitarist performs, he is sure to stun anybody with his natural and impressive talent. Brian performs with his older brother Billy, as “The G Brothers”.

Brian has an impressive acting resume with several appearances in films at Northwestern University and Flashpoint Academy. He played the role of a concert fan in Walt Disney Pictures’ “Hannah Montana-The Movie”  and has some television work, appearing on  Comedy Central’s “The Sarah Silverman Program.” Like his brother Billy, Brian has experience with commercials. He has appeared in commercials for Kmart, McDonald’s and General Mills. Brian also has print advertising and industrial experience.

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